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Balam /Delta 8 Chewables

Delta 8 Chewables

Chewables Tarts!

Chewable Tarts, the most delicious and precise delivery form of oral cannabinoid offerings. Utilizing cutting-edge technology of its lab partner, AllyMack creates Chewable Tarts from distillate, crude or isolated cannabinoids. By converting the oils into a supplement-style flowable powder, we can compound and reconstitute different cannabinoids together for new and exciting ratios. As gummy bears and gummy-style deliverable lack consistency and quality, customers are seeking more in products.

With four flavors to choose from, the chewable tart has the potential to turn your store into a powerhouse with products the market has never seen.   Flavors:  Tropical Punch, Strawberry, Cherry and Grape.

The tarts are delicious, proven, consistent and will keep customers coming back for more.